OCTO Indoor Wireless Smart Switch

  • Indoor wireless switch
  • Double rocker wireless wall switch
  • Electro-dynamic energy generator, maintenance free
  • Compatible with all other bluetooth OCTO devices as part of the OCTO ecosystem
  • Range - within one room up to 10 metres line of sight
  • Double-sided mounting lm enclosed screwing onto a surface
  • Double rocker with medial position, pressed/released
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A Completely Customisable Experience

OCTO Wireless Smart Switches enable OCTO users to assign their own customised scenes and animations to the switch. The double rocker wireless wall switch uses an electro-dynamic generator and is maintenance free. The switch is compatible with all other Bluetooth OCTO devices as part of the OCTO ecosystem.

Technical Specification

CE Mark
Colour White
Internal/External Internal
IP Rating IP20
Product Type Surface
Warranty 5 Years

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