OCTO Outdoor Controller

  • Control outdoor lighting from smart device
  • Heavy duty screw connections suitable for SWA / outdoor cable types
  • Detachable connector block to aid connection of stronger cable types
  • Waterproof with IP66 rating
  • Robust polycarbonate casings for outdoor use. UV stabilised
  • Intuitive fast operation from a smart App
  • Can be used to control a group, sub groups or individual luminaires
  • App commissioning includes full control, dimming, scene setting and pre-set timer
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Connected exteriors

The OCTO Outdoor controller is an essential part of your OCTO outdoor ecosystem. The outdoor controller’s robust polycarbonate casing is perfect for external use. The controller’s pre-wired terminals into the OCTO smart Bluetooth module ensures a fast and easy installation.

The Bluetooth technology forms a mesh network with no single point of failure. Meaning signal strength in the garden is no issue.

Technical Specification

CE Mark
Electrical Class
Input Frequency (Hz) 50Hz
Input Voltage (V) 240V
Internal/External External
IP Rating IP66
Power (W) 200W

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